Practice Exam Questions
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Clinical Tutor- Free website (MBBS, MRCP, MRCS)
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SMEC- Free website. Lecture resources, past questions...
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Scrubbing Up - Resource on pre-clinical & clinical exams
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Medical Educator- Pay for questions site (MBBS)
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Pastest- Pay for questions site (MCQs, SBQs, SBAs)
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On Examination- Pay for questions site (MCQs, SBQs, SBAs)
OSCE/ Clinical Exam
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OSCE Resources
Free online resources for Clinical Examinations. Helpful for OSCE's, or more traditional long case/ short case scenarios

Online Clinical Cases
Online Clinical Examination Videos
Martindale Clinical Examinations
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Q Courses- 2 day finals revision course. Covers both written & practical exams
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OSCE Home- Pay for site. Online OSCE resource
Additional Resources
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PACES blog- Free online resource.
Useful resource to brush up on PACES level clinical scenarios
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Surgical Tutor-Free online resource assisting in the teaching of common surgical pathologies, multiple pictures to aid learning. Online MCQs for Surgery
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Trickcyclists- Free Psychiatry resource.
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Free online resources to assist medical students and surgical trainees in the management of common orthopaedic problems

Online Textbook
Wheeless Online
Online Examinations
World Orthopaedics
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Medical Mnemonics
Free resource - Excellent for crammers who love mnemonics. Alphabetized, & spilt into specialities