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RCGP-npep. 150 free AKT questions, with applied current guidance by RCGP Scotland.
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InnovAit- RCGP journal for trainees; with AKT resources
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AKT Revision- Pay for site- 1,150 AKT questions
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Passmedicine- Pay for site: 1,250 AKT questions- highly rated
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GP Mentor
Pay for Site- questions for DRCOG, and AKT
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On Examination- Pay for site-online MCQs, SBQs, SBAs.
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Essential Finance- Expert financial advice for you, your family, and your practice
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GP notebook- Free searchable database of clinical medicine.
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NHS Library CKS- Searchable database on the management of common conditions
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Dermnet- Database of dermatology pathology
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Dr Socrates- "google" type search tool for medical problems
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RCGP- eGP- Online modules, may assist in E-portfolio, Appraisal, and Revalidation
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Web of Medicine-"facebook" style community for medical professionals
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Pulse- Providing medical news,& resources to GPs and primary care staff
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Doctors.net- E-mail facility,& free accredited education courses
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RSM Press - Management issues
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LJPC - Journal for Primary Care professionals in London
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Essential Guides- Portal of information for medical professionals, offering courses
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London Deanery (courses)- Courses run by the Deanery
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DFSRH (previously DFFP)- List of courses for theory and practical parts of DFSRH.
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Emedica- Career related courses aimed at GPs, including AKT/CSA
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NB Medical-Update courses of the latest developments in the literature, running over the last 11 yrs
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Onmedica- Portal for Doctors. E-mail facility, free accredited educational courses, forums.
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