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The demand for clinicians to take on leadership roles within the UK NHS has increased exponentially. Research has highlighted the value of this approach which has been pushed to the fore by the emerging NHS Commissioning Board, and CCGs.

The ANKLe Management and Leadership Development Programme aims to address these and further issues, to give delegates space to think (a sounding board), and to help them manage their work life balance better. It is specifically designed to aid their transition from a clinical to a leadership role.
Following the success of the ‘Managing and Leading in the NHS’ Programme at UCLH, ANKLe has been asked to convert this into a series of high quality, affordable one day workshops running in Central London during 2012.

• Are you a doctor in training?
• Do you need to meet the Management & Leadership elements of a Consultant or GP job specification?
• Do you need to fill a gap in your knowledge or skills - in a practical and meaningful way?

We have a solution: Our workshops are designed especially to meet the development needs of doctors in training and to fit around your busy life so you can meet the ‘Management and Leadership’ requirements to be a Consultant or GP in a more meaningful way.
My experience of working with ANKLe has been uniformly positive. Course development has been structured, timely and intelligent. It is not a matter of delivering another series of talks on how the NHS is run, but bringing to the table, from the wider world, insight and ability to equip individuals with the tools to take control and manage their careers in a way that will benefit the individual, the speciality and the NHS
Dr Lesley Bromley, recently retired Director of Postgraduate Medical Education -UCLH

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Executive coaching is regarded as a vital tool in successful organisations. A method for bespoke learning and development through one-to-one conversations, it is designed to help individuals:

• build their effectiveness
• increase their self-awareness and self-understanding
• create sustainable ways of resolving their own challenges, and
• improve their confidence to do so.

In my coaching programme I gained awareness of my own personality type and learning styles, and I gained clarity around my career plan. The outcome of the programme is a GP who is more confident and in control of where his career is going, and who will go on to lead a practice and be involved in the local GP community.
ANKLe coaching client

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